Kunstdagen (Artdays) - Goedereede

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Surprise Location, Markt, Goedereede

Since 25 years the Art Foundation organizes the yearly 'Art Behind The Windows' exposition. From August 1 till August 22nd the medieval town Goedereede will be decor of a unique 'outdoor' exposition. Various (inter)national professional artists expose their work behind the windows of the monumental houses in the old centre. While walking through the town you can expand your art-horizon and explore familiar and new artists. It's even more beautiful when evening falls and the art-objects are illuminated. Art tours will be organized. The booklet with full information and schedule of these Art-Walks can be picked up at the local restaurants. Clementine would have played a few sets in an intimate setting amid other interesting performance artists. Because of COVID-19 the official music events are cancelled. But, because Goedereede is Clementine's natural habitat, she's thinking of jumping in the Art-Walks here and there and share a few tunes on the go.

Free entrance. The art-objects are for sale.