Photo: Dick van der Veer

Photo: Dick van der Veer

"There are a lot of great singers in this world but not all are gifted with a voice that is   
at once captivating and yet familiar all in the same breath. Clementine has that kind   
of voice. The kind of voice that pulls you in like a friend sharing a secret and at the   
same time gently compelling you to listen to her interpret the lyrics of whatever   
song she’s singing. In my professional experience I’ve just described the difference   
between a good singer and the kind of voice that makes a star, there’s an intangible   
“it” that separates the two, you’ve either got that special “it” or you don’t and   
Clementine’s got it. With her new collection of songs on “Letting Go,” and her stunning   
vocal delivery, Clementine has got all the makings of a star."  


- Wyatt Easterling   

Wyatt has produced the album "Letting Go". He is a multi-platinum producer and songwriter, has been Chief of A&R for Atlantic Records, and a staff writer in Nashville. Wyatt has had the opportunity to work with some of the finest songwriters and artists from around the world, touching on a number of different genres.

That's not a Voice. That's an Orchestra.”

Alberto Napo Napolitano (Italy, 2019)

Live @ KC-Radio & Kerrville Festival, Texas


Folksinger & Songwriter Clementine (NL) grew up as a Captain's daughter. When her father came home after his long travels, sometimes up to a year, her mother's chansons were replaced for his Americana/Irish music. 

The music became her lifeline with her father being away at sea. When she sings folk music now it feels like coming home. Nowadays she mixes the style with other musical flavors like Chanson or Jazz. 

Water, nature and freedom where fundamentals to her as she grew up mostly on the water. 

Clementine prefers singing in English, but made an exception for the Dutch song 'Na de Hoos' (After the storm) written by friend Guus Westdorp. Originally written for the flood in New Orleans after Katrina for a benefit concert Guus had organized. 

She performed the song at the official national memorial for the Dutch flood of ‘53 for the Dutch president and survivors. This event was broad-casted by national and international media including primetime news. 

In 2013 she released her first album ‘Special to me’. This album was embraced by national radio stations like Radio 2 & 5. And she started touring theatres from small listening rooms to concert halls of 750 seats. 

End 2017 she recorded her 2nd album: ‘Letting Go’ in Omnisound Studio, Nashville. Under guidance of producer and multi-platinum songwriter Wyatt Easterling. This album was released Jan ‘19. 

In ‘18 and ‘19 she toured, also internationally, to support this album. 

Spring ’19 she became one of the finalists of the New Folk songwriting competition at Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas with ‘Lost Child’ and ‘That’s Freedom’. 

Spring ‘19 her new song ’Als Je Wist’ was born. Clementine performed her new work as intermezzo while national writer Jan Siebelink was interviewed in the theatre during the National BookWeek. 

In summer she toured Italy with Italian singer/songwriter Alberto Napolitano on Open Air stages, Arena or even on the water. For crowds between 300 to 15.000 people. Alberto is an heir of the Genua School of songwriters. Also inspired by the French school like Jacques Brel. 

By occasion she opens for The Fureys.  

She tours solo, as a duo or full band with an evening filling concert.

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Lost child-unplugged and in Theatre


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