1. Lost Child

From the recording Letting Go

Lost Child (3:34)

© Clementine Volker & Wyatt Easterling
Considerable Music, ASCAP,


Recorded in Omni Sound Studios, Nashville Tennessee in october 2017.
Overdubs in Dog Den Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.
Additional overdubs in Good Luck Studio, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Mixed in Dog Den Studio, Nashville Tennessee.
Tracking Engineer: Rory Rositas.
Over-dub engineering by Bill McDermott, Rory Rositas, Brenden Bernhardt and Wyatt Easterling.
Strings arrangements, like the violin/strings on That’s Freedom, are arranged by David Henry in True Tone Recording.


Acoustic guitar, classical and bouzouki: Michael Spriggs.
Electric guitar: Mike Durham.
Electric bass: Jim “Bevis” Hyatt and Dave Francis on upright bass.
Drums: Wayne Killius.
Piano and keyboards: Billy Nobel.
Lead acoustic guitar on 50 Years: Bill McDermott.

Guest artists:

Lisa Brokop, Robby Hecht, Paul Jefferson and Wyatt Easterling.

Produced by Wyatt Easterling for Wyatt Easterling Productions

Photos album cover: Richard Beukelaar

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Lost Child (3:34)

Keep an eye out for this lighthouse.
You have a place here safe and warm.
I’ll stand watch across the ocean.
Till you’re back here in my arms.

I’ve gathered coal and tinder.
Prepared a bed for you to lie.
When your ship returns you to us.
On the deck we’ll build a pyre.

(* Chorus) Lost child
I’m tossing breadcrumbs on the waves.
But they scatter far and wide,
before they lead you home again.
Lost child
Do you feel something missing too?
Do you wonder where we are,
as we wonder about you?

Some memories are too painful.
No reason to hold on.
Make room for new beginnings.
Write the words for a new song.

Pages of my diary.
Build a fire at my core.
The flames consume my childhood.
As the warmth evens the score.

* Chorus

Shadows jump against the wall,
where your picture hangs alone.
The only remnant to remind us,
you were stolen from this home.

* Chorus

© Lost Child: Clementine Volker & Wyatt Easterling
Considerable Music, ASCAP,