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Private event

Fifth Augusta Peaux Festival

Augusta Peaux Hof, Ring 42, Simonshaven

At the birth place in Simonshaven the fifth Augusta Peaux-festival will be celebrated. Besides attention for her poetry there will be a variated program with poetry, music, dance and art. There will be activities for children and bites and drinks are available for a small price. (Please make sure to be able to pay in cash)

The music performers are: Mario Molegraaf, Renate Spierdijk, Joop van der Hor, Addo Koning, Angelo van Bebberen, Eline Bierling, bewegingstheater Konpaku m.m.v. Honza Svasek, Svadodo en John Giskes, Ronald Bottelier, Clementine Volker, Magda Haan, Maarten Willems, Albert Prins, Ria Giskes, Ria Atsma, Joz Knoop, Thea Boom, Evert Peelen en Sidney Graf, Constant Schorel, Willem Arends, Adrie Eijke en Atelier de Kwast.

Free entrance for the festival.


Private Event

Ynke & Friends (With Wyatt Easterling!)

Kerk aan de Ring, Ring 2, 3222 AE Hellevoetsluis

We're very happy to be called a friend of master concert pianist Ynke van der Wagt. She hosts her own concert serie where she connects classical trained musicians with a variety of other artists in music, dance and fine arts. Wyatt Easterling and Clementine will perform this night.

Find more info about Ynke:

Singer/Songwriter Serie with guest Wyatt Easterling, Nashville

New Harvest Inn, Raadhuisstraat 19 en 21, Ouddorp

Clementine hosts a singer/songwriter serie at New Harvest Inn together with owner Edy Tanis. Her third and last guest of the Autumn serie is Wyatt Easterling from Nashville. Clementine will perform a few songs, but leaves most of the stage open for her guests.

Tickets of 12,50 euro, 1 consumption included, are available at the counter of New Harvest Inn in advance. Space is limited and we're already halfway of SOLD OUT.

Wyatt says he had such a warm welcoming last year, he's more than happy to come back with his new CD/songs. As probably many of you already know Wyatt is a multi-platinum songwriter and producer. He also produced the last album of Clementine: 'Letting Go'.

You can find more info and listen at his website:

Photo: Garret Nichols, Red Griffin Entertainment