Clementine, a singer

(& songwriter) in folk music from the Netherlands. Her voice is mostly compared with Joan Baez, Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy. The main language is English

and sometimes Dutch. 

.FM the platform of the most recent projects. 

Together with guitarist Philip Masure and Siard de Jong on fiddle, Clementine forms a group. Extendable with percussion and bass.


Another project is a double concert with singer Alberto Napo Napolitano and maestro pianist Andrea Vulpani. Performing a chanson program in Italian, French, English and Dutch. 


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See ye!


16 SEPT.



40-jarig bestaan. Alleen voor genodigden. Meer info >>>


20 NOV. Theater Peeriscoop, Gorinchem

Concert: ' The Wild Hunt, with the Red Riders' 

Line up: Philip Masure & Siard de Jong                              Tickets >>>

11 NOV.

Nieuwe Kerk,


Voorprogramma The Fureys

                                   Tickets >>>

21 NOV. Theater Concordia, Enschede

Concert: '...blijven ADEMEN' 

Line up: Philip Masure & Siard de Jong                                    Tickets >>>

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