Singer/Songwriter Serie with guest Jordi Baizan, New York

New Harvest Inn, Raadhuisstraat 19 en 21, Ouddorp

Clementine hosts a singer/songwriter serie at New Harvest Inn together with owner Edy Tanis. Her second guest is Jordi Baizan from New York. Clementine will perform a few songs, but leaves most of the stage open for her guests.

Tickets of 12,50 euro, 1 consumption included, are available at the counter of New Harvest Inn.

Jordi and Clementine met at the finale in Texas of the New Folk Songwriting competition at the Kerrville Festival this Spring. Jordi has made it to the finals at a bunch of competitions and is now promoting his new Album: 'Free and Fine' in Europe.

You can find more info and listen at his website: